Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation


Envision Lehigh Valley

What will the Lehigh Valley be like in 5 years… 10 years… 20 years?

Envision Lehigh Valley is a public outreach effort designed to engage the citizens of Northampton and Lehigh Counties to create a truly sustainable Lehigh Valley.  More than ever, the residents of the Lehigh Valley need to work together to create a shared vision for our community.

How can we make the Lehigh Valley more livable, more equitable, and more economically competitive?

The United States Partnership for Sustainable Communities developed Six Livability Principles for a “Sustainable Community.”

These are:
  • Provide more transportation choices;
  • Promote equitable, affordable housing;
  • Enhance economic competitiveness;
  • Support existing communities;
  • Coordinate and leverage federal policies and investment;  and
  • Value communities and neighborhoods.

How we apply these principles in the Lehigh Valley will be determined by the public input that is gathered through the work of Envision Lehigh Valley.

As the Lehigh Valley continues to grow and evolve, it faces a number of issues that potentially threaten the quality of life and livability of the region that we have all come to enjoy. Traffic congestion, land use/ preservation, and a growing population are just a few of the challenges we face that cross the borders of cities, towns, and townships.
How do Lehigh Valley residents work together to improve our communities and ensure a high quality of life for all? The Lehigh Valley needs to work as a single metro region to be nationally competitive and to be sustainable… read more.

LVEDC Loans & Interest Rates

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Type Rate Date
PIDA 2.75% 7/24/15
SBA 504 4.95% (20 years) 4.35% (10 years) 7/24/15
PIDA: SBFF 3.75% 7/24/15
PIDA: MELF 3.75% 7/24/15