Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation


Benefits to the Banks

LVEDC’s financial programs offer numerous benefits to banks. They include:
  • Mitigation of credit risk by a subordinated lien position
  • Improved Loan-to-Value (LTV) for the bank
  • Management of overall lending limits as the bank can entertain larger loans and/or limit exposure to a certain industry/borrower
  • Bank potentially has a better relationship with borrower by providing a more favorable blended rate
  • Our programs generate fee income that is reinvested in community economic development to benefit our local bank’s clients

LVEDC Loans & Interest Rates

Details Here

Type Rate Date
PIDA 2.5% 7/3/14
SBA 504 5.07% (20 years) 7/3/14
SBFF 3.5% 7/3/14
MELF 3.5% 7/3/14