Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation


Lehigh Valley Land Recycling Initiative (LVLRI)

Building the Future on the Foundations of the Past.

Lehigh Valley Land Recycling Initiative LVEDC’s Lehigh Valley Land Recycling Initiative is focused on promoting economic development through the reuse of abandoned and underutilized commercial and industrial properties, also known as brownfields. Fostering economic development while protecting human health and the environment is one way in which LVEDC works to support sustainable development.   Redeveloping an underutilized commercial or industrial site can offer your business radical cost savings and the opportunity to inhabit a unique setting. LVEDC will partner with you to find a site that’s right for your business and guide you through the redevelopment process. LVEDC provides a wide array of services to those interested in the redevelopment of sites. LVLRI is a project of Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) and is funded primarily by Lehigh and Northampton counties. LVLRI accomplishes its brownfields redevelopment goals in several ways:

  • Helping site owners and developers identify financial assistance for environmental assessment and remediation work at brownfield sites.
  • Assisting on technical matters such as grant/loan application preparation, environmental work plan preparation, and the completion of buyer/seller agreements.
  • Serving as an intermediary between all the parties involved with a brownfield transaction, allowing for the smooth and efficient redevelopment of brownfield sites.
  • Maintaining an inventory of underutilized commercial/industrial properties throughout the Lehigh Valley.

To learn more about how LVLRI can help your company contact Andrew Kleiner, at 610.266.7619 or akleiner@nulllehighvalley.org.

The Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) is a regional economic development corporation serving 62 municipalities in Lehigh and Northampton counties in the eastern Pennsylvania. Since 1998, LVEDC has engaged in the active redevelopment of brownfields through the Lehigh Valley Land Recycling Initiative (LVLRI). This economic development program has facilitated, through the disbursement of federal and state grant funding, the redevelopment of more than 70 brownfields in the region.

LVEDC Loans & Interest Rates

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Type Rate Date
PIDA 2.75% 7/24/15
SBA 504 4.95% (20 years) 4.35% (10 years) 7/24/15
PIDA: SBFF 3.75% 7/24/15
PIDA: MELF 3.75% 7/24/15